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Creative Upcycled Lighting

Getting creative with lights can add atmosphere and an energizing mood to your environment. Choosing the right lighting helps to create a … Read More …

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Creative Butterfly Decor

Spring is just around the corner and I keep seeing butterflies. I think they’re sending me subliminal messages prodding me to feature … Read More …

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Creative Herb & Floral Wreaths

Wreaths do not have to go away simply because the holidays have passed. Many of us grow herbs and flowers in our … Read More …

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Creative Mirror Decorating Ideas

I have bling on the brain. Most likely because the New Year is just around the corner. I was preparing another post, … Read More …

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Creative Fall Decorating Ideas

It’s time to start thinking about creative Fall decorating ideas and Thanksgiving. Our fashion choices change with the seasons and our homes … Read More …

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Botanical Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer is a great time to consider infusing some lively interior design elements into your home decor and porch or patio designs. … Read More …

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Creative Indoor Teepees

Inspired by the original Native American tipi, indoor Teepees have grown in popularity.  Who doesn’t love a teepee or indoor tent? It can … Read More …

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Decorating with Vaulted Ceilings

Here a few favorite examples of interior design ideas that incorporate vaulted ceilings and vaulted ceilings with built in custom windows and … Read More …

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Creative, Unique & Unusual Christmas Trees

This is a collection of creative and out of the ordinary Christmas trees. Many could be Do-It-Yourself Projects, some are available for … Read More …

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