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Textile Arts

Textile Arts – Featured crafts created using organic or synthetic fabrics or threads such as quilts, embroidery, needlepoint, crochet, knitting, fiber art, fabric dyeing or shibori.

Janice Ryan - Spiral Geese Close-up

Creative Quilts Series 1

Quilting is a time honored craft being upheld by numerous creative seamstresses with an eye for color, pattern and even composition and that possess … Read More …

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Blanka Matragi Universe Collection

Blanka Matragi was invited to be the Head of Jury in a competition for Beirut’s Young Fashion Designers. She didn’t hesitate to … Read More …

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Chunky Knit Decor

I have a fondness for the hand made and a great appreciation for those that maintain time honored crafts as well as the warm, homey feeling … Read More …

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Apple Blossom Nostalgia

Once, when I was much younger and still lived in New England, one of my first apartments was on the top floor … Read More …

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Embroidered Barn Owl by Ruth Norbury

Ruth Norbury is an artist working primarily in fine hand embroidery, textiles and mixed media. I absolutely LOVE this particular piece. Ruth … Read More …

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Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon embroidery is a fabulous example of a fiber art. I think that this is a beautiful example of ribbon embroidery by … Read More …

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Quilt “Saffron” by Melody Crust

Artistic Quilt “Saffron” by Melody Crust This is a fantastic quilt. It’s energizing, colorful and expertly crafted. So much creativity goes into … Read More …

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