About bcr8tive

bcr8tive seeks to share the work of admired creatives as an example for those that are looking for inspiration, ideas, and expert level measures of achievement in their chosen fields. bcr8tive also aims to make the accessibility of these brands easier for viewers to find and perhaps buy.

In the current digital media climate, images are the eye candy of the internet and with so many image sharing websites and social media platforms cropping up, the creatives that are responsible for so much of the work we admire, are all too often left out and overlooked. We find something we love but we don’t know who created it, where to see more of the work or how to find them so that we may research, inquire about or purchase their products.

bcr8tive is also deeply committed to providing the all too often overlooked attribution that these outstanding artists, artisans, designers and photographers are so kind and trusting to share with the internet at large and provide active and current links to locations where you can find more of their work, points of sale or how you can contact them to make sincere inquiries.

bcr8tive is earning a valued reputation with our growing audience for brand awareness and identification. Brand recognition is achieved through the repetition of product identification. Brands are built through diligence and work hard to have the fruits of their labor recognized.  bcr8tive is dedicated to insuring that our favorite creatives and brands earn their much deserved recognition, and that they are never lost in the crowd of the ever growing internet.

bcr8tive is a not-for-profit site that performs this service for the admiration of all things creative and and is sustained only by our minimal advertisements and affiliate marketing. We’re also accepting donations. All donations are used to offset the on going costs associated with the time and expense of providing high quality, optimized content and maintaining the site. It also helps you, the user, to see less Google Ads on the sites you visit. You can find it on the homepage in the sidebar, and Google can step you through the process.

It has been said that to make a change one must BE the change they wish to see in the world.

bcr8tive is built on the premise of giving credit where credit is due and paying it forward.

~ Thank You For Your Support ~

For work inquiries or to view my own personal portfolio, please visit LRHCreative.com