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Sculpture – Posts that feature the art of carving, modeling, molding, or welding to create figurative or abstract three dimensional works of art.

Peacock Themed Home Decor

Bringing nature indoors lends a softness and peace to an interior space. Incorporating a whimsical decorating theme can lift your spirits, connect you to … Read More …

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Creative 3D Kite Installations

With dozens of art exhibitions and installations to his credit, Jacob Hashimoto is carving a niche out for himself with his highly … Read More …

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Uber Creative Ceramics by Artist Peter Beard

Artist and Master Ceramicist Peter Beard was born in Southport, Lancashire, England in 1951.  He was introduced to clay in primary school … Read More …

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The Versatile Talents of Artisan Blanka Matragi

Blanka Matragi is one very talented and busy lady. As I began to prepare this post with designs from the 30th Anniversary … Read More …

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Trees in Design VS1

I have a deep reverence and appreciation for trees. I’m drawn to creative illustrations and paintings of trees, thoughtful photos of beautiful … Read More …

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3D Botanical Flower Constructions

With a unique perspective, a love for found objects and a desire to breathe new life into things for which their brighter … Read More …

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Illuminated Sandcastle

This illuminated sandcastle was built on Noosa Main Beach in Queensland, Australia. Sadly the sculptor is unknown. A really nice job! via … Read More …

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