Botanical Summer Decorating Ideas

Botanical Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer is a great time to consider infusing some lively interior design elements into your home decor and porch or patio designs. Since everything turns green and the most brilliantly colored flowers bloom during the spring and summer months, botanical themes are a fresh, colorful, easy and budget friendly decorating option. Bright florals and interchangeable botanical patterns and designs coordinate as easily as the flowers and plants that you choose for your garden. Pick the 4 most dominant colors, add some green and watch it come to life.

Feel free to be creative. A boho styled, mix and match theme is nearly mistake proof. Add table decor in bright colors and botanical or color coordinated dinnerware to accentuate the surrounding decor and summery theme. Try some lightweight quilts with floral, fruit or herbal patterns. These ideas can be incorporated inside the home as well as outside on a favorite porch or patio. Try a few potted plants inside on a sunny windowsill. Grow a small lemon tree on the patio. Make some refreshing and colorful summer drinks! Relax & enjoy your space ❤

Colorful Floral Pillows from Neiman Marcus

Portmeirion Exotic Botanic Garden Dinnerware from Belk

Green Ikat Dinnerware from C.Wonder

Cactus Flower 20 x 16 Pillow By Lava

Christmas Cactus Botanical Pillow from J.Covington Home

Arum 16 x 22 Pillow By Lava

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