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Featured posts on the art of Dance & Dancers. Art work and photographs of Dancers.

NYC Dance Project

A professional dancers body is the epitome of physical human perfection. Their bodies undeniably inspire awe. They’re dramatically curvaceous, each and every muscle, exquisitely toned and … Read More …

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Sublime Photography by Dave Brosha

Dave Brosha’s photography is a tangible expression of the obvious passion that he has for capturing a magical and memorable image. His … Read More …

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Creative Silhouette Photography

Photographer and Retouch Specialist, Marco Ciofalo of Florence, Italy, boasts a full portfolio of portrait and model photos that I thoroughly enjoyed perusing. His … Read More …

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Rachel Brice

First, this is one of my most favored watercolor paintings. It is a painting called “Fluid, by an artist called Ferguson, of … Read More …

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