Cypress Gardens, Florida

I have a special affinity for trees… I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m attracted to all manners of them; Real, in all of their many varieties and also in all manners of their various creative forms; photography, artwork, clothing, metal art, sculptures, etc. They have drawn me since I was young and I have a box full of old drawings of them and even my Tree wall decals on Etsy.

I also have a growing collection of Trees on Pinterest, where to my surprise, I found many other people that favor trees too. When I came across this beautiful photo of Cypress Gardens in Florida, I had to put my super sleuthing sourcing hat on and find the photographer and Tada!

Carol Gant, Mother of three & Grandma to seven, has been sharing her love for photography on Flickr since 2007. She has a great eye and quite an extensive collection of tree photos, as well as flora, fauna and much more. I just LOVE this one!  In my eyes it looks like a painting. ❤

Cypress Gardens Fl by Carol Gant

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