We Adore Dior

Fashions come and go but great style is timeless. What may be out dated today becomes the in thing tomorrow. It’s one of the reasons that quality vintage clothing can be an asset to a wardrobe if we don’t physically outgrow it. The Dior brand has gone through many transitions over the years and aside from Christian Dior, the brand has a history of six more notable creative directors at its helm.  This is a collection of timeless and  classic Dior fashions created during the John Galliano period. We see sexy menswear inspired fashion paired with flirty, feminine dresses, bow tie wrapping, body skimming silk gowns, and bold animal prints. Lingerie moves from the bedroom to the parlor and flapper dress details are peppered throughout the collection in beading, fringe, layers and lines. Spice up a look with any of these ideas for a uniquely you fashion statement.

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We Adore Dior

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