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Paper – Origami – Quilling

Paper – Origami – Quilling Crafts – The art of creating crafts with paper. 3D paper that forms artistic scenes, Origami, the art of paper folding, and Quilling, creating 3 dimensional decorative shapes and designs with strips of paper.

Creative 3D Kite Installations

With dozens of art exhibitions and installations to his credit, Jacob Hashimoto is carving a niche out for himself with his highly … Read More …

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Creative Butterfly Decor

Spring is just around the corner and I keep seeing butterflies. I think they’re sending me subliminal messages prodding me to feature … Read More …

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Holiday Party in a Box

It’s that time of year again. How about a Party in a Box? This is a creative and an adorable idea. Silver … Read More …

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3D Botanical Flower Constructions

With a unique perspective, a love for found objects and a desire to breathe new life into things for which their brighter … Read More …

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Celebrating Hearts for Valentine’s Day

With Valentines Day just around the corner (& my birthday too… ) I’d like to say Happy Valentine’s Day with these very … Read More …

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Nnashinaka 3D Paper Bridge

3 Dimension Paper Design by Jeff Nashinaka

3 Dimension Paper Design by Jeff Nashinaka :: Jeff creates 3 Dimensional Artwork in paper in the most creative of ways. His … Read More …

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