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bcr8tive’s sharing current shopping obsessions from some of my favorite stores on the internet. There’s Casual Fashion, Beach & Resort Styles, Dress for Success, Evening Fashion, Day & Night Dresses, Trend Setting Watches & Bling, Home Decor, Gifts and more. Pop in every so often to check for what’s new. The Shops are always changing! As I come across new items I add them and as items expire, they’re removed. There are even styles available for pre-order and often online only! There’s something for everyone, sexy or conservative, the skinny girl and the curvy girl, the young and the mature. Styles in Let’s Shop Categories are just in and available now & they often sell out fast! emo-Mwah! Click through on any item to shop or pre-order the design.

Fall 2016 FashionsWe’re into Fall 2017 and What’s Hot & Currently Trending in Fashion

are Design Elements such as: Big Bell and Large Romantic Sleeves, Victorian Collars & Vintage Inspired Everything! Western Styled Inspiration is scattered around on designs and accessories too. Denim is as American as Apple Pie and we haven’t lost our love of it in 2017. Menswear styled Pant Suits, Leisure Suits, and Trench Coats are just as popular and flattering as they have ever been. Big shoulders are back too (though I’m not a fan) as are Mid Length Skirts (which I do appreciate) since they’re flattering, feminine and flexible. Lingerie styles are oh-so-sexy and set the menswear styles off! Lacy, silky, and see-through!

Red is the statement color for the year as is Chocolate Brown (love) and be on the lookout for prints in plaid, houndstooth and big florals.  I’m also so happy to see one of my favorite couturier elements still showcasing; brilliant floral Embroidery. Designers are fawning over the richness of Velvet in bold jewel tones and Silver is the dazzling metallic and sparkle on their minds and I’ve always been a fan of it. It’s entirely fun, flexible, glamorous and show stopping. Sparkle and shine is also a fresh boot trend that puts polish on everything.

Some designers are still creating fur and feather fashions but as I’ve stated, I’m not promoting them on bcr8tive. I can’t imagine why they haven’t moved away from needless death and suffering for something that will be worn a few times. Many of them this year are frankly ornate and ugly. We have such advanced technology now, there’s no reason for anything to have to lose its life, especially for a short life fabric? Um, no. Senseless. Be innovative!

But anyway, back to fun trends, buttons used creatively are the rage in style details, functional or decorative. Another statement making accessory – wide, waist cinching belts as well as elbow length gloves and thigh high boots! Oh, and hats! So much fun!

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