The Aquarium Series by Isamyu

I’m so pleased to have found the very talented digital work of Japanese CG Artist, Isamyu.
Isamyu loves to create photo manipulations and she’s extremely good at it! This collection is titled “The Aquarium Series”. As you can see, Isamyu has superimposed fish onto her model Goma’s legs, in such a thought provoking way. Goma’s legs appear to be virtual fish tanks and are fragile, breakable, and ultimately allow the fish to break free. I also find the goldfish in the light bulb, extremely eco conscious. Light bulbs are symbolic of thought and Isamyu engages her viewer and prompts them to think about the nature of aquatic life in our lakes and seas. It’s a fascinating and creative way to make an earth conscious statement and artistically and aesthetically pleasing as well. I love her colors and also can’t resist the idea that the paintings on the legs are fashionable and how they could be painted tights, which is so cool.

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The Aquarium Series by Isamu - Bettarium

The Aquarium Series by Isamu - Pteraporium

The Aquarium Series by Isamu - Lightrium

The Aquarium Series by Isamyu

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