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NYC Dance Project - Artem Ovcharenko, Principal Dancer, BolshoiA professional dancers body is¬†the epitome of physical human perfection. Their bodies undeniably¬†inspire awe. They’re dramatically¬†curvaceous, each and every¬†muscle, exquisitely toned and are quite literally a living work of art. Dancers¬†work tirelessly to hone their craft and through that process develop¬†incredibly strong, agile and flexible physiques. They often move as though they are as light as wind and can convince an¬†audience their athletic feats are effortless.¬†The art of dance is the ultimate creative expression of mind, body and soul. It is the culmination of the dancers¬†grueling¬†efforts married with music and exalted by¬†a dancers demonstrable passion for their craft.

The NYC Dance Project was created by¬†Ken Browar and Deborah Ory;¬†two people with a deep¬†appreciation for dance and that have compatible professional backgrounds.¬†Ken is a celebrated¬†editorial fashion beauty photographer¬†whose¬†passion for dance began when he lived in Paris and photographed dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet. Deborah Ory, has been a dancer since she was a child, and began her path as a career¬†photographer when she was injured as a dancer, and began taking photos of rehearsals when she couldn’t participate.

NYC Dance Project showcases New York’s dance community through creatively choreographed portraits that celebrate¬†their love and passion¬†for the art of dance. Ken and Deborah unite¬†their admiration for dance, with an artists eye for¬†capturing mood and motion, and¬†the talent to¬†formulate evocative pictures that¬†speak a thousand words. Their body of work includes photos of top dancers,¬†choreographers and directors in New York City.

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NYC Dance Project - Ashley EllisNYC Dance Project - Ashley Ellis

Ashley Ellis, Principal Dancer, Boston Ballet

NYC Dance Project - Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane, Soloist with American Ballet Theatre

NYC Dance Project - James Whiteside

James Whiteside, Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre

NYC Dance Project - Hee Seo

Hee Seo, Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre

NYC Dance Project - Gabrielle SalvattoNYC Dance Project - Gabrielle Salvatto

Gabrielle Salvatto, formerly of Dance Theatre of Harlem,
now filming a new show called Flesh and Bone airing on Starz

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