Live Like You’re Going to Die

Live Like You're Going to DieI had a grand summer… went back up north for a few months. It was bittersweet but the sweet was the best. Had happy reunions and made some awesome new friends too. It’s just one of the sweeter things in life to see time separate you from some dear to you and yet you reconnect years later and it feels as though almost no time at all passed…

Seriously, I met my soul these past few years contemplating how to live like this shirt says… Live Like You’re Going to Die, Because You Are, and my reunions this year were on my To Do list 💗

Mortality is an eye opener and … I love this shirt and…. the owner of the shirt. It is an Objet d’art in her room. Knew I liked this girl! 😃 She is a creative and beautiful young woman that has a phenomenal eye for putting together a photo shoot. Check the sizzling styling out from this upcoming modernizer with a taste for Urban Outfitters, Demonia and Dolls Kill and she models them too?! Alright?!

Rose in Flames Rose in Flames Rose in Flames
Rose in Flames Rose in Flames

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