Innovative Fashions by YAN TO

Yan ToYAN TO is an up and coming designer with a fresh perspective on fashion. Having a background in psychology, he brings a practical approach to couture that isn’t often seen in high-end design. Though his collections are featured on the traditional thin model, he is designing with ALL women in mind. YAN TO is approaching his designs in innovative ways that will allow women that are curvy or fuller figured to also benefit from his design approach & find fashions that not only accentuate their curves but also to help control them without the addition of control shaping undergarments. It’s very creative & quite ingenious!

Let’s face it, most of us are not perfect and the best thing we can do is to accentuate the positive & downplay the negatives. YAN TO’s designs do exactly that. One of his new stand out concepts has been to incorporate the use of elasticized fabrics combined with artistic texture to elevate the concept of effective body-con dresses, so that his designs ultimately look great on the thin & fabulous on the curvy! YAN TO’s designs help us as women, to celebrate all of our curvaceous differences. This is a featured collection of the best of YAN TO.

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