Flowing Fashion Spring Summer 2015

A great designer knows how to reinvent timeless lines and design elements in new and interesting ways. These are a collection of flowing fashions that lift by a light breeze, that blow with the whisper of the wind. They are designer dresses and evening gowns that flatter most any woman’s figure. They are feminine and romantic. They’re roomy and non binding, yet skim the silhouette. These are styles that are sensual and dedicated to movement. The designs remind me of a dancer’s wardrobe. She has a long elegant lines, fabulous posture and always moves gracefully. Her dressing displays her svelte figure but doesn’t focus on it. Instead it emphasizes her movement. The way she carries herself. The way the air reacts when she moves through it. I find it completely interesting to see and compare how quality designers conceive of so many creative and varied manifestations of the same initial concept. Let it Flow.

These are flowing fashions from the runways of a multitude of designers that showcased their collections during Fashion Week in Berlin, London, Madrid, Milan, New York and Paris.

Af Vandervorst Aigner Af Vandervorst Ailanto Aigner Ailanto Akris Alberta Ferretti Alberta Ferretti Alberta Ferretti Alberta Ferretti Alberta Ferretti Alberta Ferretti Alessandra Rich Alexis Mabille

Wrap yourself in breezy fashions for a warm and windy day. Choose flowing styles to dress for a spot as the star in the romance of your life. Feel uber feminine this summer and have fun emo-Mwah!

Flowing Fashion Spring Summer 2015

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