Creative Silhouette Photography

Photographer and Retouch Specialist, Marco Ciofalo of Florence, Italy, boasts a full portfolio of portrait and model photos that I thoroughly enjoyed perusing. His portfolio is full with superior shots of professional dancers, sultry models and portraits of people and babies. Scattered among them are some extraordinarily engaging silhouette photos that Marco retouched digitally and transformed into these emotive works of art. They’re enormously creative!

Visit Marco on his website, 500px or Facebook to see more of his work.

Happy Friends by Marco Ciofalo

My Moon by Marco Ciofalo

Children Running by Marco Ciofalo

Alone in the World by Marco Ciofalo

Happiness by Marco Ciofalo

A Day in the Park by Marco Ciofalo

Ballerina by Marco Ciofalo

Thinking Alone by Marco Ciofalo

Sun Ballerina by Marco Ciofalo

Lovers by Marco Ciofalo

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