Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada

Casa Loma in Toronto, CanadaThe Conservatory showcases plants and, at one end, this fountain.

Guest Suite at Casa Loma

A Guest Suite at Casa Loma

This castle has an intriguing and long history that is definitely worth a read.  It’s located in midtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  It was built between 1911–1914; and established as museum 1937. Casa Loma has five acres of gardens. An underground tunnel connects Casa Loma to the Hunting Lodge and to The Stables. It has 3 floors and a basement that consists of a Gift Shop, A Cafe, a swimming pool and the tunnel that connects to the hunting lodge and stables.  Casa Loma has been a popular location for movies and TV. Casa Loma is most definitely a must-see attraction for visitors to Canada.

To read more about Casa Loma see Wikipedia, which has a thorough timeline and a detailed history.

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