Aquamarine & Turquoise Interior Design & Home Decorating Products

Home Decorating is such a fun and creative outlet for anyone interested in making their home, their castle. We all love to decorate our homes as much as we enjoy shopping the latest trends in fashion.

Color is important to every creative outlet no matter the medium. Personally, I really don’t have a favorite color, I enjoy them all. Aquamarines, Turquoise and Greens remind me of the sea, which I love; and since they are so soothing and I’ve also used them for my brand, I decided to start off my first Interior Design post, with this gorgeous color.

There are many variants of the colors that fall within the “Aqua” group. Each of them are just so attractive in their own right, but this color group is really also so very flexible. A room designed using Aquamarine (or Turquoise) alone, is as beautiful as one that also incorporates a complimentary color to go along with it. (Or more than one – I’ve got many more pictures for ideas coming!)

At the bottom of this post, I’ve included a small palette so you can compare the various color groups that you could include with Aquamarine, to come up with a unique design that’s totally you, in your own home.  Pair Turquoise or Aquamarine with rich browns for an equally rich look. Add elements of coral or a peachy rose (bright or pale) to add warmth and zing to your Turquoise design. Soft Greens will pair with the Aqua like a tropical sea. Warm gold or buttery yellow against a dark turquoise or teal, is elegant. Purple or lavender used with Aqua and Turquoise is modern, youthful and energetic.

Oh and let’s not forget the products in this post. Aren’t they beautiful? I’m going to list each of them and their links so you can visit the sites and shop the items, at the end of the post.
Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

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Home Decorating with Aquamarine & Turquoise - bcr8tive


Here’s the product list.

* The dinnerware is a few pieces from the Raynaud Cristobal Turquoise Dinnerware Collection – modeled after their first Coral Red version. It’s really so pretty, with mix and match pieces, you really should see the whole collection.

* The striking Aquamarine “Shanghai Chandelier” and the “Lola Sofa” is by Susan Hornbeak Ortiz of Shine by S.H.O.

* The elegant Stemware is Montecito Glassware in Aquamarine from ZGallerie.

* The Sumba Ikat Pillow 24″ – Aquamarine is also by ZGallerie as well as the Faux Chinchilla Aquamarine Throw.

* The dark turquoise, satin ribbon front Pillow, crafted into an all over rose pattern is “The Bouquet Dec Pillow – Peacock” from Wake Up Frankie.

* The Aquamarine Flounce Ruffle Stripe Curtain is UrbanOutfitters. (Not sure if this color is still available but it’s so pretty I’m sure someone else will have one like it)

* The bedroom ensemble with the amazing, turquoise tufted headboard (bottom left) is all Laura Ashley (Wallpaper, curtains, furniture, bed linen and lighting) from House To Home.

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