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Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration – Artwork created using tools such as a tablet or mouse to draw and paint with computer apps such as Photoshop and Vector programs like Illustrator & Freehand.

Valentine’s Day 2015

Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay… Love isn’t Love until you give it away. Happy Valentine’s Day from bcr8tive  Valentine’s Day … Read More …

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New York Times "The Winter of the Monarch"

Eiko Ojala Illustrations

Eiko Ojala is an accomplished young illustrator from Estonia. He tells me that he was very inspired by his father, an architect, and … Read More …

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Whole Tree Design in Architecture by Roald Gundersen of -

Trees in Design VS1

I have a deep reverence and appreciation for trees. I’m drawn to creative illustrations and paintings of trees, thoughtful photos of beautiful … Read More …

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Inspirational Red Butterfly

Inspirational Red Butterfly

I adore this image & find it very inspirational. It appears to be a mosaic though I think that it’s really an … Read More …

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“A Test Of Skill” 3D Digital Art by Kevin Radthorne

A Test Of Skill – 3D Digital Art by Kevin Radthorne

“A Test Of Skill” Digital Art by Kevin Radthorne Created in 3D, Daz ‘Poser’ and some Photoshopping. I truly appreciate the creativity … Read More …

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3D Illustration, Splitwater, by Andrea Bertaccini on

Splitwater by Andrea Bertaccini

An older piece called Splitwater by Andrea Bertaccini on CGSociety. I like that the artist rendered this in such a way that … Read More …

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Dream of a Little Girl by Caras Ionut

Dream of a Little Girl

Dream of a Little Girl by Caras Ionut on is an exceptionally creative photo manipulation that is story-like in nature. The child … Read More …

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Puppies by Corrado Vanelli

Puppies by Corrado Vanelli

“Puppies” by Corrado Vanelli. This is amazing 3D and digital artwork. It’s realistic and yet incorporates an illustrative, story book quality that makes … Read More …

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